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  1. Yesterday
  2. Calling a community of people liars and toxic because one of their brand new recruits has done something wrong in the past is hardly fair. In addition Tempest is likely unaware of his poor moral character. In the end scamming is between the scammer, and the scammed. It has no bearing on if someone is a valuble fighter and active participant in the clan war community. You should be holding the individual to account for their behaviour not a community responsible for the behaviour of one.
  3. 1 day Prep against our fellow Latin Crew brothers, Despite Dynasty being mostly F2P we accepted the P2P challenge. We massed up our P2P Legends and went to where legends start there journey clan wars. Latin Crew Obviously massed more due to them being a older clan but we brought our toughest p2pers boys. We did impressive knowing Latin Crew does more P2P then us. Thanks for the Fight LC, clean fight other then that one guy wearing full bandos and some of ya kept leaving portal haha. After that we went to p2p pking and killed a few RoT fellas, was a fun night. #DYNASTY unmatched in p2p Rot kills: 0 Dynasty Kills: 2+
  4. Last week
  5. Very nice, it looked fun. It's a shame that I couldn't make it.
  6. He'll return a stronk man, have no fear!
  7. So Today We found out Alex, Who scammed Dynasty for 15m (Not much) but still scammed us then left to join tempest where they allow such people in, this isn't the first time Tempest allowed toxicity/scammer members in their own clan. So the question is out there, Tempest claims to be non toxic, yet they allow such members in there own clan? Fair warning to everyone in the clan scene, don't join tempest if you value your RS account/info. His intro to Dynasty:
  8. 2 Day Prep, We scheduled a fight with the Gob Mobsters, We knew these guys can put up a fight with their multi loggers. This was a late late late fight for our Spartans as most were asleep or at work, we massed up our Spartans 7:30PM EST and began our march towards the north hills of the giants. We started with amazing 15 man pull for a 2 day prep even with several Spartans MIA. We waited for the enemy to rush us, and they did. We cleared them fast and efficient first round then we waited more then 20mintues for them to return with more opts, we were out massed but we fought as true Spartans and killed many and claimed the victory, before we ended another clan called "KP" tried crashing so we turned to them as they ran to singles we cleared both clans tonight. Dynasty on my CHEST, Proud of you Spartans lets keep grinding! Video Soon:
  9. i haven't gotten sick but i live in Florida and everyone is full yolo here
  10. Haven't gotten it yet nor anyone in my family so far, heard it affects your body long term if you do catch it. Anyway a good recovery for those who got it.
  11. Adam

    Tested Positive

    I tested positive in April, and had high fever that kept coming back every few hours. I also now developed a slow heart rate because of my oxygen intake, but doctor said it might go away in a year or so.
  12. Veto

    Tested Positive

    Never had it, nor anyone near myself I heard of cases but yeah never caught it or I probably had it but never realized it since sometimes people don’t get reactions
  13. Horatio

    Tested Positive

    That's crazy. So lucky to live in Australia, in our own little island bubble with barely any cases and the ability to shut our airports.
  14. Mother tested positive for Covid on Dec 31, 2020 and on that same day she was cared for in a hotel. She was having symptoms on the 28th, severe backpain, fever and coughing. We were fortunate to not catch it cause we didn't know she had it, not until she told us about the news on the 31st. So-- on the 28, 29th and 30 we were chance, but managed with no symptoms. She came back on the 11th with mild symptoms, but doctor said she should be fine. Also, "supposedly" health department was going to show up and take our swab test in case we tested positive... that never happened.
  15. Gogule

    Tested Positive

    Tested Positive for Coronavirus back in November, wondering if anyone else here has. Had pretty mild symptoms. Was weird I left work Wednesday afternoon feeling like crap, got home had a fever and felt like I got hit by a car. Thursday and Friday I had some awful headaches, so bad I couldn't play RS/watch TV/nothing. I literally laid in the bed staring out the window because everything else hurt so bad. They sucked so much I was dizzy, In conjunction my body just felt super weak, like holding a glass of water was difficult. Woke up Saturday and lost my taste and smell but felt totally fine. I never experienced any shortness of breathe or a cough. Still no smell! Taste is coming back but I can't smell to save my life, got pulled off chemicals at work last month because of it hah.
  16. Earlier
  17. Little motivational boost on our end! Was fun! Good job boys
  18. Very nice, thanks for the fight El Imperio Latino it was fun.
  19. EFT is fun, I used to play it with friends quite a bit.
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