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  3. 1 week prep against a newish clan Called "Wrath" We pulled 28 max again with our newly trained spartans. We knew this was going be a easy practice for our members so we practice our skills against the "wrath". our spears, binds, arrows, sliced through the enemy like butter. It was a great day to be dynasty. Thanks Wrath for the practice.
  4. Dang good little haul
  5. Dynasty Pk Trip Today was a success! We massed our small PK unit for tonight and got some good kills, We cleanse the stranglers out the wilderness. Dynasty name roamed throughout the day where every single PKer were afraid to step into our domain. We fought a Small Pk team and cleared them with ease. We are growing in strength, wisdom, and power. We made over 100m Today. Lets go Dynasty, Keep up the good work. After that we made 20m+ each doing a clan stake #dynasty 72m Kill, we made bank
  6. 1 week prep against our fellow Latin Crew, We pulled 28 (most new comers) vs 28 (Teams of multiple clans as usually). We agreed on 3 rounds 1 25 KC and 2 Knockout, but instead the day of the fight they begged for 2 25 kc and 2 knockout. So we agreed and fought LC won the 2 KC but lost the one elimination and then they left not finishing what we agreed on. So at the end of the day we won as they scattered into the dark knowing they wouldn't have won anyways. Thanks LC/AF/all clans was fun, takes more then 1 to give us a challenge. Next time hope you stand by your rules and not cheat us. Round 3 + 4 (They left)+ 5 (They LefT) = Win
  7. Damn looked really fun ! nice work!
  8. So This friday our Spartans decided to clear F2P Wildy, We knew Shiekhs and other random cc's will be out in 308 and knowing Dynasty is a superior clan to others we slain them all. We massed our Spartans went into the cold empty Wilderness to find only a few mini clans that only do Wildy. After we rushed them killing them all, making them lose bank (rune sets) they never returned back in wildy, Making it empty and only Dynasty was left roaming its wilderness banning everyone in it's way.
  9. Gz boys thats easy $$
  10. Went to bandos with the boyz and got 2 tassy drops bank was made
  11. My cousin's name on XBL was XxXDarkSparkXxX so I decided to name myself XxXDarkFartXxX on there . Ever since then I just started using all my usernames in different variations of Dark Fart (iDarkFart, xDarkFartx, etc..)
  12. Dynasty fighting clans every weekend, most active in-game. So after our last weekend, we set up a fight with Elite Zerks. Knowing EZ is a very competitive PvP P2P Clan we wanted to step up our skills in P2P against them. The day came, We massed our Spartans, Sharpened our Spears, equipped our heavy shields and waited for the enemy to attack. The battle was competitive for both sides, we lost our first two battles 2-0. We were heavily unfocused for a fierce p2p battle against these Zerkers, but we straighten our Spartans up, great calls from our callers and stepped up the tanking we came back harder then ever and defeated them 3-2 ending. This was a waking call for our PvMers that we got a lot more to deal with if we want to become #1. Thanks for all our PvMers that tried it today hope you learned a lot! Thanks to Elite Zerks for being a great p2p clan to accept this challenge. Video: Ending: 4th
  13. Tempest - Lead by a guy name True 2k8 (kicked from Divine Forces his own clan, Obsessed with Dynasty and myself) So Recently a Official from Tempest (Trevor, Vanuckle or razel1337 (on our forums) or whatever name he has) Made thousands of pages of players in the clan world including mine as he has so much time in the world to be doing so. Where no one really knew who was making these pages Trevor wanted to make a page of me as he was obsessed with me under "RSBles" kinda cringe right? Toxic They also promote hate speeches towards other RS players, Drama, Lies, over a video game? imagine that. They also Crash wars, spy, leak, anything you can name of as you already know they have a rat in our clan. Tempest is far beyond worse then RoT I have not seen one positive player in that clan other then a handful. BEWARE no page was found when True 2k8 posted this, until today made by Trevor himself (STALKER). Promotes Drama, hate Hate Speech towards a player and his clan(with false names they gave)
  14. Gj Dynasty, Goodfight CWC
  15. Also never do that lumbridge map again that sucked
  16. Had fun, especially the last round
  17. Great work Dynasty! Good fight CWC!
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