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  1. Yesterday
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  3. Late night and just fishing in osrs and listening to 

    Just my mood

  4. Dayuuum we can use this during our trips.
  5. Earlier
  6. Yeah it's the fastest for sure. I just am lazy and prefer bloods for the $$
  7. Bro you did Lavas, crazy! Good 99 though
  8. we need to do this, make bank!
  9. idk why risk that much as solo. he had ancestral before but banked them after failed hit
  10. Not a bad haul, always wondered why people risk soooo much in the wilderness
  11. Crushing it Tried to do a bit of prayer yesterday and got attack on EVERY trip at the altar so I gave up
  12. So was just about to go to sleep after work and got called to hit guy risking bank at chins. So without second thoughts i did what every member should have done and quickly geared up and teled up and we started spec trading him from lvl 28 wilderness and our max magers were splashing him way too much and chanced him couple times before the final slap from my dbow. nice 18.7m split secured from 10 mins work. #Dynasty#SOS
  13. Gratz man! Getting closer and closer!
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