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  1. Yesterday
  2. Yea, just googled China is going to invade Taiwan. Also, Russia and Ukraine war?
  3. Haha yea, had nothing to do. So, why not do a 5k of something and recently got a vyrewatch task. Googled its loot and thought to myself, "hmm.. why not?"
  4. A week or so, could have gone quicker, but was inefficient irl stuff.
  5. Last week
  6. Dang thats a big emoji wtf lol idk how it got so big.
  7. I need to get a new computer mines dying i been trying to hold out for DDR5 but i might not be able to wait sucks that the market is insane atm because of covid and scalpers
  8. Daaaaaaaang u out here on these streets GRINDIN!
  9. Hey guys, hope everyone is safe. There is some crazy stuff happening in the world with China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine. Hope yall stay safe out there.
  10. Nice peak at 1750 and dang 1720 my man popping off, I dont play that much every year ill go through a phase where i play maybe a couple hrs a day for like a week on chesss.com so i hover around 1600
  11. Damn son, making loot how long did it take?
  12. Peaked 1750, Usually sit around 1620-1680
  13. Yo who here is good at chess and whats your Elo, Veto i know you said you play what Elo u at?
  14. LETS GO DYNASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. First blood shard was at 300+kc, second was 500+kc, then the third was somewhere between 1,500 - 2,500. After that, my luck started balancing out. Blood shard 1/1500.
  16. Gogule, always been Gogule. I got hacked and the hacker changed my name to Assmuncher31. Was my only name change. My brother made the account back in 2004 or 2005. I forget, but we shared it (actually got banned for it LOL). But it was supposed to be a DBZ character. Like Gohan, Gotenks etc...but Gogule
  17. Yeah I honestly never imagined I would get 99 rc but 4 months of doing it at work made it very doable
  18. Earlier
  19. pre eoc names: Cao cao390, run here ok, darnel93, 619chris8, uwetbro, bigwanghd, kingszszszssz post eoc names: Cat Goes Raw Cao cao390 was a character(Minus the 390 part) from a game I use to play Dynasty Warriors and he was one my favorite character. Run here ok, well should be self-explanatory, but if not it was because when you right click on rs it says, "Walk here ok". So, I came up with an ingenious idea of, "Run here ok". Darnel93 was from a friend of mine in middle school he gave me his account. Also, 619chris8 the same story as Darnel93. uwetbro cause umadbro was a thing at the time. Bigwanghd cause cringe kid back then. Finally, Kingszsszszsz cause I was in Tk. Now, post eoc Cat Goes Raw was originally suppose to be Cat Goes Rawr, but it doesn't fit the display name. So, Cat Goes Raw was not too bad. The rest is history. F those fancy names you preppy kids have. I like mine cause it represent who I am. A cat that goes Raw. Also, they're in that order.
  20. what is the background or reason behind your current or most well known for in game usernames? I had several in pre eoc, i use to trade names often to make extra $$ i had many OG ones as well semi OG, I always liked short character names it just sticks out compared to longer boring names. I had Bles for a long time until i sold it, Obviously It was meant to be "Bless" but of course that was taken so i was blessed enough to get Bles which still the same just one less S haha, I should've kept it but o well. Current: Veto, This is more famous word/display name, I was looking for "Vato" but i decided to get Veto close enough and still a word meaning "a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body." The President of the US said my name a few times has he said yours? How about yours?
  21. @Veto - Great leader traits, has been Clanning for several years in pre-eoc, has been nominated in pre-eoc as top 30 tanks by several top teams/clans in RH. His lead many teams/clans to victory, as well dynasty. @Cat Goes Raw - Cat has been with Dynasty since day one, he was first a application manager and worked his way up to High Council. he has top official traits, most active, most respected, and honorable spartan. @Havoc - Havoc has been with dynasty for a few months of his return to OSRS, he has lead Soulbane and was in RSD with those combinations he has been a great official knowing what to say to his members and co officials. @pokemeanddie - Poke has been with Dynasty day 1 as well, he his overall active member and respectful, he works hard to make all events of Dynasty as well forum activity, overall honorable spartan. @Gogule - Great Legendary Gogule from the mights of CL to TT to Dynasty, he overall is a active mature player and we should look up to his aspects of maturity through the clan world. @Noel - Ever since he joined Dynasty he has created a positive outlook for dynasty through pure scene, he makes great vids for us and is a hard dedicated member of dynasty. more to come...
  22. Dynasty Started in officially in October of 2020, where our fearless and Honorable Leader Veto wanted to start a new journey coming back into OSRS. Veto saw the depression of the clan world where toxicity spread through each clan, members sharing, doxing, flaming, hatred, lies.. etc.. Veto GOAL was to create a new clan where oldies, new comers who acted their age can come together and enjoy what's left of OSRS. After Several attempts from other main clans to close down Dynasty failed, we kept moving forward beating clans/teams that been out for months/years. Dynasty has been growing ever since, where our discord has reach over 300 players, and expanding into more areas of the game itself. Where so many clans/teams hate Dynasty for being the most mature clan of them all. Dynasty will continue growing and becoming one of the top clans in RS history. Dynasty will keep improving within the clan to make stronger Spartans, and make the clan world a more honorable one. This is just the beginning....
  23. The Eternals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Venom 2! Spider-Man: No Way Home! Apparently there is matrix 4, so why not! Shang-Chi The Legend of The Ten Rings! Army of The Dead! Feature Dave Bautista New Halloween movie!!! Black Widow! Some of these may have came out already, didn't really bother to check. But these are my most anticipated. Especially The Eternals!!!!
  24. Nice Gogule, congratz! One of the skills I will never see my self getting 99 xD
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