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    So i gathered some of our Brave Spartans to enter P2P Wilderness to clear our Chaos Alter, and roam the wildy to find clans, solo pkers. We found a clan we fought and won and a few solo pkers. We made over 10m+ in loots, including ZGS, AGS, Hella D Bone Loots. It was a fun time being a spartan in Dynasty. We pk'd for about 1 to 2 hours until it was dead then we moved towards PvM grinding Corp hoping to get a Ely but no luck other then having a lot of laughs and experience making bonds over time. and yes... some of us died again at corp LMAO. We had fun and more to come daily! #Dynasty on my CHEST Thanks for everyone who showed up on the daily, keep it up spartans
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    23rd century space fairing humans - on Amazon Video, season 5 coming out soon. accurate dialog for being in 0g, believable enough 0g rigging when they aren't moving at "1g" acceleration/deceleration.
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    Yea, for example OC Veto. No clue what OC stands for though.
  4. 1 point
    OC? some clan they had more opts but we cleared them and got a ZGS etc.. from it haha.
  5. 1 point
    No clue what clan they were, but some of them had OC in their name.
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    Good stuff! Really had fun this pvm trip!
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