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  1. Gogule, always been Gogule. I got hacked and the hacker changed my name to Assmuncher31. Was my only name change. My brother made the account back in 2004 or 2005. I forget, but we shared it (actually got banned for it LOL). But it was supposed to be a DBZ character. Like Gohan, Gotenks etc...but Gogule
  2. Yeah I honestly never imagined I would get 99 rc but 4 months of doing it at work made it very doable
  3. Yeah definitely looking forward to Fast 9 Nomadland is one I want to watch too, but outside of those 2 I'm not sure what is even coming out this summer
  4. ^ Thanks btw. Was able to get it tonight. Was out of town!
  5. Was the last pile for them in RD 2. Thought we were tied 24-24 but glad we still got the W 25-23. How do you set your view that way? It shows all the names of the opponents instead of the clan members.
  6. Unfortunately was the last death up at GDS before we jumped ship hah. I don't know what was going on (heard some rumours about a script) but literally anytime I put my robes on I got attacked by like 4/5 accounts. I had some success taking off all my robes and just going naked.
  7. To me the biggest thing is we've in a way "perfected" the strategy of clanning. The bigger clans currently in the scene stand in their 2x2 boxes during their pkris. That's why the plateau map is the main one for clan wars. If you're able to tank away during those bigger battles, transitions occur immediately and you just return to the 2x2 waiting your turn to get hit again. And that's IF you don't get crashed (hence why today's clans have moved away from GDS/Spiders bounds or east tree). This was a big reason why I left the clan scene many years ago, it was no longer fun. You either stood in a square OR continuously ran/fought against a team crashing you. Back in the early days of clanning we still were learning strategy, styles, dragging, etc...Like it was revolutionary to tank with full rune and mage pray. Now it's commonplace. It was revolutionary to group north/south of the opposing clan to prebail easier, now it's commonplace. I can go on and on. In my opinion this is why the clan world died out. It slightly revitalized during the pandemic but will sadly continue to fizzle out once again. I can't comment on the state of P2P clanning as it's something I'm not real familiar with. But I will say the appeal these days is very similar to that above. Different strategies/ways of tanking/etc...but even that's nearly perfected.
  8. Tennessee Titans 1st round pick last year, 4.45 million dollar signing bonus. 1. Went to a party in April during peak quarantine and nearly jumped off a 2nd story balcony to not get caught. Ends up getting an undisclosed reprimand by the Titans. 2. Showed up to camp in June 30 pounds overweight....he's already listed as 315 so that's a ton of weight for an OL 3. On/off Covid list during summer and first couple weeks of the NFL season, it was found out later he kept partying down in Miami on the off days so it was conduct detrimental to the team. If you remember the Titans were the first team to have a covid outbreak. 4. Finally gets his shit together supposedly and strings together a few practices. Only to get caught doing DONUTS on the INTERSTATE and crashing into a guard rail. DUI, suspension coming. 5. Plays his first special teams snaps for the Titans in a blowout win. Was pancaked on one of them lol 6. Was on the Wednesday morning practice report as "headache" turns out the dude went to Miami after the game and partied for 3 days straight and showed up to practice hungover. 7. Gets suspended from the team in like December 8. Suspension over, does not report back to the club = put on some injury list for the rest of the season and then he tweets he's done with the Titans....worst 1st round pick ever?
  9. Posted my comment before watching it, answered my own question a few minutes later when I saw a lot of familiar names haha
  10. This the same Foresaken from old?
  11. Today as in Monday afternoon? Not bad
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