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  1. Yeah it's the fastest for sure. I just am lazy and prefer bloods for the $$
  2. Bro you did Lavas, crazy! Good 99 though
  3. Not a bad haul, always wondered why people risk soooo much in the wilderness
  4. Crushing it Tried to do a bit of prayer yesterday and got attack on EVERY trip at the altar so I gave up
  5. Man real good opportunity to put those in order 92 RC 93 Con 94 Agility 95 Mining Anyway grats! Good levels to get
  6. Man a bunch come to mind. Had a ton of fun fighting TT , CR and CORR back in the day. First one that comes to mind, one of our rich members bought everyone a full rune t set in an all out vs CR(I think it was CR) and we pulled like 120. Remember I had to be at school at 7:15a and the war started at 6:15a and it ended at 7:45a and I was late, got in trouble. 1 week BEFORE school detention hahaha... Did an uncapped vs corruption in like 2009. Went on for 9 hours. Was on the snipe unit, probably died 50 times but we won so worth it right? CL vs AA in an all out uncapped fight for aussie timezone bragging rights. Also snipe unit there. It was an 11am start time for us and we fought until 3 in the god damn morning. Our stateside folks stayed the entire time too, like a 9pm start est I think.
  7. Thinking of going base 90s next...only things I don't care much for are mining and agility, so we'll see. Thanks guys!
  8. Dang, impressed by that 17k stack
  9. We should set up a group prayer effort haha. Everyone bring an AGS or something along with 100 noted bones and crush out some levels
  10. I'm a huge Titans fan. My dad used to take me to a game a year as a kid. I watched the Bucs play twice actually. Once in 98 and again in 2001. I only remember the 2001 game cuz we celebrated a birthday there haha.
  11. Who's your team? Anyone doing fantasy?
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