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  1. Gogule

    Tested Positive

    Tested Positive for Coronavirus back in November, wondering if anyone else here has. Had pretty mild symptoms. Was weird I left work Wednesday afternoon feeling like crap, got home had a fever and felt like I got hit by a car. Thursday and Friday I had some awful headaches, so bad I couldn't play RS/watch TV/nothing. I literally laid in the bed staring out the window because everything else hurt so bad. They sucked so much I was dizzy, In conjunction my body just felt super weak, like holding a glass of water was difficult. Woke up Saturday and lost my taste and smell but felt totally fine. I never experienced any shortness of breathe or a cough. Still no smell! Taste is coming back but I can't smell to save my life, got pulled off chemicals at work last month because of it hah.
  2. Personally had a terrible night, kept getting piled. Got koed once REAL bad hah
  3. Gogule

    Dream Vacation?

    In 2016 I did three months traveling Europe, Rome was probably my least favorite city. It's soooooo overwhelmed by tourism. With that being said, the Coliseum was awesome and a definite highlight. I want to backpack South America. I went to Colombia and Peru last year, well 2019. I want to visit Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and do a bunch of hiking in the Andes and down in Patagonia, maybe do some surfing in Chile. Truck up the east side and visit Uruguay and go to Carnival in Brazil.
  4. Get back to speaking Spanish, was doing really well with my lessons last year and then the pandemic happened so my lessons stopped and I didn't want to go digital. Then I started my lessons back up in November and then I got covid so had to cancel =[ Start back up Tuesday!
  5. Was fun, had 3k 0d blasting. Miss wildy fights like that.
  6. Always thought to myself if something like that actually did happen, I doubt the TV broadcasters/camera people are still working.
  7. Gogule

    Any nba fans?

    BIG Nuggets fan here I'm also a University of Tennessee guy so I like following those guys when they go pro. True story, Josh Richardson and I were really good friends from 2011- 2013. We were math partners in one of those freshman classes and ended up with a bunch of classes together. Back when he was just a kid on a failing basketball team with zero NBA attention.
  8. Yeah most people hate it. I think the reason I enjoyed it, it was so much more entertaining than tinderbox log tinderbox log tinderbox log tinderbox log Haha or in the older RS version where you made bonfires and could heal.
  9. Ranged for me, I always enjoyed training range. I enjoyed playing Wintertodt to get 99 firemaking, it was an enjoyable way to train that skill. Has me somewhat excited for the new fishing boss...maybe I'll train fishing again haha
  10. That is a sexy blood rune stack my gosh
  11. These guys were always informative to watch in the early stages of youtube but damn my man turned into a nut. It's like he's a genius but man
  12. I've had some fun going through some of those archived posts in the past
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