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  1. PS5 since it's more popular in England 😈
  2. i heard bles is going beat you first.
  3. Congrats homie, hope to see the outcome.
  4. Early 2007 a few mates from school got me into it
  5. Chris

    PC games

    No others i play battle for middle earth 2 sometimes or league of legends sometimes with irl friends/team tactics.
  6. Looks like the most active member so far
  7. I've been in lots of clans over the years and heard callers from other teamspeaks but these are the ones I've personally heard over the years. Conditions21 (COR) Empire Mind (COR/VR) Cera (VR) Oli (EOS) Kaochinx (VR) Ell01 (Brutality/EOS) Rendual (Infliction) Hecticdan (Brutality) MILAD (Genesis) Tika191 (Genesis) World Cup (TR) True2k8 (Divine Forces) Mohd (Downfall)
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