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  1. A week Prep for a Maxed Gear Fight against a 8 year old clan Hyperion, they were a formable clan knowing they mostly do PvM like us we thought it be a tough war due to max gears. Our Spartans Sharped our mighty Spears and got our strongest shields and marched towards Clan Wars. We saw the enemies fierce numbers and strong weaponry. We Lined up with our might shields and staffs waiting for the enemy to strike, as we saw the white horizonal of dots rushing in we attacked and started slaying the foe. Round 1 was not bad, round 2 was a insane come back, and round 3 was decent. Thanks again to all over new PvPers that never done CWA wars, without our community we wouldn't be here standing undefeated this year in p2p. Video Soon: Yoi: Starting R1: Ending R1: Start R1: Ending R2: Starting R3: Ending R3:
  2. Today we had a week prep against "Notorious" They canceled by not showing, So CP Approached us for a GDZ fight Wildy, They pulled around 15-20ish while we had 35+, We fought until we cleared them from GDz. After waiting for them to return they were no where to be found, so our spartans did a victory march back to Clan wars for some practice for our new members, after we were scouted by Tempest they massed up to fight us in CWA FFA Portal (Strange), so we started to battle them out, they were more organized and have more experience then us but still they struggled. After about 30mins they kept massing more and more, even though we were outperforming them in a FFA portal, we ended our little fun and called it a night, was a busy day for Dynasty and we had much fun and experiences today, Thanks Clan world, we will become #1. Dynasty kills: lost count 100+ CP Kills: 5-10 Tempest Kills: 40ish Video soon:
  3. Veto

    Euro Cup 2020?

    Title says its, Who is going win this years euro cup? My team of course Portugal ⚽ What about you? thoughts?
  4. So another day of Dynasty conquering the wildy out on a Friday night breeze. We Swept the high 50s in every world that no one dared come log in and fight us, outnumbered most of the smaller pk fcs and cleared them with ease. After it was empty for awhile we moved straight to Chaos Altar knowing that's always a hot spot to kill pkers even though mostly its in singles (sad news), we camped there for a bit killed many pkers (small fcs) then ended our trip with a good amount of gp. Thanks to all the new trainees, we make a Spartan out of you soon!
  5. Yeah, then you record and post ur music.
  6. After a week prep against Sheikhs, we pulled our highest so far which was 46 STRONG Spartans, Especially being in a f2p fight with mostly new PvPers who only did PvM, we did amazing. We fought for 1 hour Cap at West Rune Rocks, Our Spartans were fearless and kept returning fast to destroy the enemies. Our Spears got bloody, our Shields blocked arrows. We Slain fast, regroup, then slain more. Thanks Sheikhs for the Clean Action and the practice that we needed to improve overall. Ending: Dynasty Kills: 100+ Sheikhs Ending: 30ish? Sheikhs Kills: 60ish Nice name Sheikhs: Mobile Players:
  7. Today we had a week prep for CWA F2P but they said the day of they only do P2P, so we switched gears and headed to clan wars for some P2P CWA Action. We pulled over 32 Spartans, for a P2P Event which is amazing! We sharpened our Spears and our 55 defense gear set up and started to march towards the enemies of Dynasty. With powerful KO's and calling we fought with higher opts against a notable foe who done P2P PvP more then us we knew it was going be a tough encounter. We fought strong and out lasted a PvP P2P Clan. Dynasty are upcoming Kings of the CWA and Wildy Thanks to all our new PVPERS who never did PvP, We all are impressed and grateful to have such Spartans amongst us, Lets keep destroying clans as the only HONOR Clan Left. Round 1: Win Ending: Round 2: Win Ending:
  8. Today we did our daily P2P PK Trip, We massed roughly 20 Spartans to go out and clear wildy. We found a clan/team and cleared them several times they kept coming back with more numbers while none of us died until they got more opts then us, it was a fun clean battle thanks for multiple loots K-Bravo and other randoms. Easy money. We came, We saw, We Conquered
  9. Looked fun, wish I could’ve made it
  10. Better then my clues lmao
  11. Today we did our daily P2P PK Trip, We massed up a few Spartans that wanted to Pk and went into the wilderness to clear some folks. We clashed with a clan (unknown) and cleared them easily, 20v20+, and then we went to chaos alter to clear some anti pkers. It was a fun night for Dynasty, We gaining and winning! Dynasty is on Top! We came, We saw, We Conquered
  12. Today we had a fun night once more fighting against our fellow conquerors, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. It was a wonderful relaxing night for Dynasty. Our Spartans joined Voice and we all laughed and enjoyed the wild night at Clan wars. The Empire Massed from first round 12 to 20 for the last 2 rounds, it was fun experience since we had many new faces in our clan. We pulled 27, by next month we should be pulling 30+ daily Spartans! Thanks Empire, Was fun practice hope we can do some more fun activities. Video: SOON
  13. Dynasty night out with the boys, all chilling, chatting, making loot from randoms that faced the great Dynasty of Gielinor. Spartans clearing all PvM spots including CA. Daily trips coming up.
  14. When will they learn, everyone is allowed in Dynasty discord but you guys, no children allowed, Tempest when will you grow up? When will True 2k8 stop being a reject spastic? When will Tempest grow up like most clans? Children stop being like RoT and make your own path. PM Veto#8222 for a way out, to be in this glorious clan you have to ACT YOUR AGE, and not like this clown True as you see below. JOIN DYNASTY TODAY WHERE WE ACT OUR AGE! REAL BOOMERS.
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