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  1. we need to do this, make bank!
  2. 1 Week prep against our friends who uphold honor within there ranks, The Mighty El Imperio's, We knew that they were a solid squad of soldiers against our Spartans and knowing that it was max gear rules, we set up our battle gears and massed up. Great pulls on both ends, They were fierce like the Persians vs Sparta 300 but it ended the same way in both R1/R2, Third round was close as we were down by a lot and still came back, we stood our ground, the sun in our eyes, we grip our spears tighter as we charge forward into the El Imperio's ranks to victory! We Respect El Imperio for a Clean and honorable fight, we shall fight more often P2P and F2P! Thanks Again Fellow Brother in arms. R1: 20v20 Ending: 19v0 R2: 21v23 Ending: 19v0 R3: 21v26 No one took picture of Third round Ending: 7v0
  3. Veto

    Honest thief

    This movie looks dope, great actors, definitely seeing it with my queen
  4. Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw Home World: 377 Clan Chat: Dynasty Clan Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Today we massed up the Spartans for our first start of daily P2P Pking in the Revenants Cave, We pulled a decent amount of Dynasty members and rushed into the caves knowing most worlds are protected for about 1 hour and 30mins. We killed many Randoms including a few DR Members. Anyways, we enjoyed todays PK trip and hopefully get more Big loots from future P2P PKing daily events. Thanks for everyone who showed up and lets keep it up Dynasty. DR Loot = https://gyazo.com/ee069805a4338788a4a5bd1999d6664b
  5. Congrats homie!! Join the 126 gang
  6. Nice video, i enjoyed it. Keep it up homie.
  7. Today, our spy in Tempest told us they fighting at Fally W371 so me and Bolton went to check it out and see why a weak clan showed up in a FFA world. When we arrived we saw them fighting KP and other randoms while me and Bolton were in bank observing Tempest losing Gilded sets, rune sets, etc by a random multi logger clan shows how weak tempest is. Bolton our brave High Council wanted to tank test Tempest to see how strong they were, them knowing it was just us two, we tank tested and easily tanked them from center fally to fally bank. Despite the failed leadership of tempest (True_2k8) posting losing topics for the past several days to show "Activity". they claimed a topic about us knowingly we wasn't even massed, kinda makes you think what kind of clan tempest is? well here a few pictures of the almighty true 2k8 harassing me, idolizing me, begging for attention, what kind of leader is that? Thanks Tempest for the shout out, and special thanks to our SPY who recorded a conversation of true and the loser bunch talking about me not just one day but several days, I love my fans. More to come in the future, once they start doing more childish things online. Special Thanks tempest you're leader True 2k8 even confirmed Dynasty wasn't there today, sucks to be you.
  8. Bro it was dope I liked it
  9. Today we massed up 26 for a CWA fight that turned into a delay due to the other team numbers low, so we instead of canceling we went into the enormous wilderness where we had people leave down to 22, but where clans/teams roam around, chill, etc.. we saw a few Sheikh, G Mob stranglers at altar and we Spartans disposed of them quickly, then we went towards RR to find more stranglers to clear, after nothing was seen we went straight to Falador in the PvP World to see if any victims bestow there, yet none to be found, by then we went into our CWA fight losing a few members due to 1 hour delay.. It was fun while it lasted and we have a lot to improve on, we brought a lot of new blood into the warring scene today. More to come from the honorable Dynasty clan.
  10. Damn son, I’m jealous you going beat me
  11. Still jealous of that slayer level congrats
  12. Weirdo making fake accounts to spy on a new clan.
  13. I hope so too brother, we have a lot in common haha. +1
  14. Naruto Bleach One piece My hero Academia Demon Slayer One Punch Man God of High School Attack on Titan Angolmois Goblin Slayer
  15. Nerd haha trying copy me, congratulations though, I swear you going max before me
  16. Made some profit from 90-99
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