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  1. yea ima play it too im hyped!
  2. So i know there are rumors that the next halo is a hot mess, but in case Microsoft gets their act together and makes it good, and with it being cross platform so pc gamers and console players can play together, Who is hyped and ready to play some halo? I know Veto is hyped this man is going to be trying to go pro and get the big bucks on twitch. I might play it hard too if its good on PC.
  3. ive used pokemeanddie for a while it comes from wow where you can do emotes people use to do /poke to me all the time so i named myself pokemeanddie and it kinda just stuck. also i rock yo momma yo in some games that started in halo 2 when i was on a team and in a clan called XGO my name was xgo yo momma yo lmao
  4. i cant believe ben askern got knocked out in the first round vs jake paul man.... his career is over yikes.
  5. yea possibly, hopefully just some sabre rattling but still, scary stuff!
  6. Dang thats a big emoji wtf lol idk how it got so big.
  7. I need to get a new computer mines dying i been trying to hold out for DDR5 but i might not be able to wait sucks that the market is insane atm because of covid and scalpers
  8. Daaaaaaaang u out here on these streets GRINDIN!
  9. Hey guys, hope everyone is safe. There is some crazy stuff happening in the world with China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine. Hope yall stay safe out there.
  10. Nice peak at 1750 and dang 1720 my man popping off, I dont play that much every year ill go through a phase where i play maybe a couple hrs a day for like a week on chesss.com so i hover around 1600
  11. Yo who here is good at chess and whats your Elo, Veto i know you said you play what Elo u at?
  12. LETS GO DYNASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I think Veto/Bles is a great leader, And hes an ok Halo player as well.
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