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  1. Dayuuum we can use this during our trips.
  2. Was fun, always love free loot.
  3. Tempest is hands down the most immature clan I've ever encountered and this is coming from someone who's been in the clan world since it started. You would think people would mature after 10 years, but they've only gotten more toxic. https://gyazo.com/ee069805a4338788a4a5bd1999d6664b
  4. Some of my favorites have to be VR vs RSD PKRI which lasted several hours. Back in Divine Kingz when we pulled our most opts ever vs Wilderland on a Sunday morning.
  5. Amazing, what a beast! Bet you'll very relieved once you get there.
  6. I definitely would use the d bones towards prayer since it would still be reasonable profit like you said. Gotta take advantage of any d bones you can get a hold of. Keep up the good work!
  7. I'll check it out, looks interesting!
  8. Never seen it. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. +1 I go wherever Brady goes haha. If Brady gets them to the super bowl, I believe they'll be the 1st team to host a superbowl as a home game since it'll be in Tampa.
  10. Very excited! I remember watching the animated movie as a kid and owning the video game for game boy.
  11. A down to earth guy who wants what's best for everyone.
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