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  1. Lately been inactive/ offline a lot but still getting kills pretty easily even after like 3 week break from rs
  2. Started bc my best friend was playing and i wanted to play with him cant remember the year but i remember the pain waiting for rs to load for like 20 mins before i could log in
  3. Tbh idk how you guys have so shitty ppl runnin
  4. Too many good names to count them all in but friend has rsn TB
  5. idk why risk that much as solo. he had ancestral before but banked them after failed hit
  6. So was just about to go to sleep after work and got called to hit guy risking bank at chins. So without second thoughts i did what every member should have done and quickly geared up and teled up and we started spec trading him from lvl 28 wilderness and our max magers were splashing him way too much and chanced him couple times before the final slap from my dbow. nice 18.7m split secured from 10 mins work. #Dynasty#SOS
  7. watching your gainz kinda making me want to max my otger acc as well
  8. Hey grime didnt know youre here as well. 🙂
  9. well you got one of the slowest ones done GZ!
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