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  1. Calling a community of people liars and toxic because one of their brand new recruits has done something wrong in the past is hardly fair. In addition Tempest is likely unaware of his poor moral character. In the end scamming is between the scammer, and the scammed. It has no bearing on if someone is a valuble fighter and active participant in the clan war community. You should be holding the individual to account for their behaviour not a community responsible for the behaviour of one.
  2. Horatio

    Tested Positive

    That's crazy. So lucky to live in Australia, in our own little island bubble with barely any cases and the ability to shut our airports.
  3. EFT is fun, I used to play it with friends quite a bit.
  4. Hope to see them grow and develop into a warring clan more often.
  5. Unavailable, feels bad.
  6. Sad that we didn't get to fight Latin Crew, feels bad. But had a good time anyway, my bank has certainly increased after this.
  7. Interesting, might see it, idk.
  8. Horatio

    Any nba fans?

    We don't have basketball in Australia. Looks interesting though.
  9. I don't think you can justify putting us above Latin Crew yet, we are kinda 50/50 at this stage, but they have won more so far.. until next week maybe. EoS not on the list? Shouldn't Tempest be above Wilderland? unsure. Who's EA at the bottom?
  10. I had fun, despite being camped all fight.
  11. At the end of the day, every fight is practice and experience for the clan.
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