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  1. I'll have to get in on some trips here soon! Life's got me wrapped up with work, married life(no kids yet), trailblazers and Shadowlands pre-patch.
  2. That's the one! I can understand that, My wife has a hard time with it whenever I watch it cause it's not her type of show. The show is based on a set of novels (that i've never read), The show adaption started on Scyfy with a big budget but they dropped it after Season 3 because of low viewer count and #2 most expensive at the time to produce. Amazon picked it up and has now produce Season 4 with Season 5 releasing next month. But it has the most amazing political story telling that you can understand Earthers, Martians, and Belters points of view.
  3. 23rd century space fairing humans - on Amazon Video, season 5 coming out soon. accurate dialog for being in 0g, believable enough 0g rigging when they aren't moving at "1g" acceleration/deceleration.
  4. Uncle showed me in 2001. played when sleeping bags and captcha were around... played RS2 beta and up to summoning every skill release.
  5. how many kills you guys get? 😎
  6. rune drags are decent money afk, but this might be better.
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