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  1. Late night and just fishing in osrs and listening to 

    Just my mood

  2. Gratz man! Getting closer and closer!
  3. Apart from osrs, I play among us... occasionally. Not much games these days that peaks my interest. However, I prefer rpg, choice matters, open-world type games or mini arcade like games. Pacman, Galaga, dig dug, Fallout 4, skyrim, mass effect series, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Detroit: Become Human. Those are just the tip of the ice berg.
  4. It was quite a fun experience!
  5. Is this where I share how I feel to the community?

    1. Veto


      I guess so

    2. Cat Goes Raw

      Cat Goes Raw

      l0l What is this facebook


  6. Trailer looks dope. Love Liam Neeson, great actor!
  7. Bro... I bought bonds, turned out I accidentally bought it for rs3, had to contact jagex about it. 2 hours later, mod dare transferred it and for 10 hours straight after that, I did prayer. 2m xp, I think that's the most xp i have gained in one seating.
  8. Finally 125 cb. One more cb level to go!
  9. Yikes. Seen their post, that's really cringe.
  10. You're missing out my dude. Watch it ASAP!
  11. I'm happy you liked it! I was just cruising what to watch and saw this movie
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