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  1. Yea, just googled China is going to invade Taiwan. Also, Russia and Ukraine war?
  2. Haha yea, had nothing to do. So, why not do a 5k of something and recently got a vyrewatch task. Googled its loot and thought to myself, "hmm.. why not?"
  3. A week or so, could have gone quicker, but was inefficient irl stuff.
  4. First blood shard was at 300+kc, second was 500+kc, then the third was somewhere between 1,500 - 2,500. After that, my luck started balancing out. Blood shard 1/1500.
  5. pre eoc names: Cao cao390, run here ok, darnel93, 619chris8, uwetbro, bigwanghd, kingszszszssz post eoc names: Cat Goes Raw Cao cao390 was a character(Minus the 390 part) from a game I use to play Dynasty Warriors and he was one my favorite character. Run here ok, well should be self-explanatory, but if not it was because when you right click on rs it says, "Walk here ok". So, I came up with an ingenious idea of, "Run here ok". Darnel93 was from a friend of mine in middle school he gave me his account. Also, 619chris8 the same story as Darnel93. uwetbro cause umadbro was a thing at the time. Bigwanghd cause cringe kid back then. Finally, Kingszsszszsz cause I was in Tk. Now, post eoc Cat Goes Raw was originally suppose to be Cat Goes Rawr, but it doesn't fit the display name. So, Cat Goes Raw was not too bad. The rest is history. F those fancy names you preppy kids have. I like mine cause it represent who I am. A cat that goes Raw. Also, they're in that order.
  6. The Eternals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Venom 2! Spider-Man: No Way Home! Apparently there is matrix 4, so why not! Shang-Chi The Legend of The Ten Rings! Army of The Dead! Feature Dave Bautista New Halloween movie!!! Black Widow! Some of these may have came out already, didn't really bother to check. But these are my most anticipated. Especially The Eternals!!!!
  7. Nice Gogule, congratz! One of the skills I will never see my self getting 99 xD
  8. In the Runelite plugins, search for player indicator. At the second to the very bottom in the section called "Highlight Options" you'll find "Highlight others" checkmark that. Now, if you want it to look small, regular or bold (the one I have BOLD) search for Runelite in the plugins at the bottom where it says "Overlay Settings" look for "Dynamic Overlay Font" and turn it to BOLD.
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