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  1. He'll return a stronk man, have no fear!
  2. Mother tested positive for Covid on Dec 31, 2020 and on that same day she was cared for in a hotel. She was having symptoms on the 28th, severe backpain, fever and coughing. We were fortunate to not catch it cause we didn't know she had it, not until she told us about the news on the 31st. So-- on the 28, 29th and 30 we were chance, but managed with no symptoms. She came back on the 11th with mild symptoms, but doctor said she should be fine. Also, "supposedly" health department was going to show up and take our swab test in case we tested positive... that never happened.
  3. Personally, I like the Greek Mythology the most. From their great architect work depicting the gods, to stories of betrayal by the gods and how a man can rise up to fight a god. Is all just amazing to read/watch. Also, the Kraken in the film "Clash of The Titans" always amazes me how Hades can spawn something so menacing is baffling.
  4. Get back in shape to hopefully join the military that I planned on joining 8 years ago lmao. Would also like to travel more.
  5. Anything that has to do with "Ancient" I'd love to visit. Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece. Closest I've been to this places is through games (lol) AC:Origins, AC:odyssey and now the new game AC:Valhalla. Rome: Colosseum, Leaning Tower, Pantheon, Vatican Museums etc... Egyp: Sphinx, Pyramid etc... Greece: Temple of Olympian Zeus, Parthenon, Ancient Theatre etc...
  6. damn bro my rc is 67. It's slowly going up through genie, imp events and daily tears of guthix. Congratz!
  7. Yea, true. He is after all, as we know King Leonidas
  8. Decent science fiction movie starring Gerard Butler, but gets boring/tedious near the end. Good white noise though for you bored folks grinding.
  9. Although Lc cancelled... again. It was still a fun night for Dynasty! Great job guys!
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