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  1. I always wanted to get into this show, but never really had the chance. Is it any good? Also, is this the same "The Expanse" you're talking about? https://fmovies.to/film/the-expanse.lrnyn/kwrn8p6
  2. Yea, for example OC Veto. No clue what OC stands for though.
  3. No clue what clan they were, but some of them had OC in their name.
  4. Good stuff! Really had fun this pvm trip!
  5. I started with 0 kc, then ended with 18. But there was many more kills afterwards. That was probably like the first hour or less.
  6. Great event really had a blast!
  7. Anyone watches the Hodgetwins? They're some funny twins. If not, hopefully you start with this great compilation. Kind of sus though, but funny nonetheless.
  8. Love watching Oda in youtube. Don't really watch his streams, but every time he post on YT best believe I be on that real quick.
  9. Cat Goes Raw is the only best RSN out there. Jokes aside, I've seen someone named "John Wick". That's a pretty cool name.
  10. Where I'm from, Golden bears. As for European, don't really know any, but I do recognize Cristiano Ronaldo. So, whichever he's on lol
  11. Trump will most likely pursue this or move to Canada from that tweet he said. Then, if Trump does win the left will retaliate to great proportions that it might actually cause a civil war. Just saying my thoughts, not really smart when it comes to politics.
  12. Ragnar Lothbrok, definitely is an amazing historical figure. "Ragnar was the scourge of England and France; a fearsome Viking warlord and chieftain."
  13. Since covid i've been rewatching lotr, star wars, star trek, hunger games, harry potter, avengers. So many to choose from!? But I think I'm going to have to go with Harry Potter. As for show it has to be Game of thrones.
  14. Although we lost, it was a fun fight as always
  15. Damn dude nice! Just one more level left, looking forward to seeing that profit!
  16. Late night and just fishing in osrs and listening to 

    Just my mood

  17. Gratz man! Getting closer and closer!
  18. Apart from osrs, I play among us... occasionally. Not much games these days that peaks my interest. However, I prefer rpg, choice matters, open-world type games or mini arcade like games. Pacman, Galaga, dig dug, Fallout 4, skyrim, mass effect series, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Detroit: Become Human. Those are just the tip of the ice berg.
  19. It was quite a fun experience!
  20. Is this where I share how I feel to the community?

    1. Veto


      I guess so

    2. Cat Goes Raw

      #Cat Goes Raw

      l0l What is this facebook


    3. Mistakes
  21. Trailer looks dope. Love Liam Neeson, great actor!
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