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Swift wing21

The Expanse

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23rd century space fairing humans - on Amazon Video, season 5 coming out soon. 

accurate dialog for being in 0g, believable enough 0g rigging when they aren't moving at "1g" acceleration/deceleration.

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21 hours ago, Cat Goes Raw said:

I always wanted to get into this show, but never really had the chance. Is it any good? Also, is this the same "The Expanse" you're talking about?


That's the one!


12 hours ago, Veto said:

Not my type of show haha 

I can understand that, My wife has a hard time with it whenever I watch it cause it's not her type of show.


The show is based on a set of novels (that i've never read), The show adaption started on Scyfy with a big budget but they dropped it after Season 3 because of low viewer count and #2 most expensive at the time to produce. Amazon picked it up and has now produce Season 4 with Season 5 releasing next month.  But it has the most amazing political story telling that you can understand Earthers, Martians, and Belters points of view. 

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