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Dream Vacation?

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What is you're dream Vacation? 

Mine is going to Italy Rome, To see Roman History for myself other then reading it.

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In 2016 I did three months traveling Europe, Rome was probably my least favorite city. It's soooooo overwhelmed by tourism. With that being said, the Coliseum was awesome and a definite highlight. 

I want to backpack South America. I went to Colombia and Peru last year, well 2019. I want to visit Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and do a bunch of hiking in the Andes and down in Patagonia, maybe do some surfing in Chile. Truck up the east side and visit Uruguay and go to Carnival in Brazil. 

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Anything that has to do with "Ancient" I'd love to visit. Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece. Closest I've been to this places is through games (lol) AC:Origins, AC:odyssey and now the new game AC:Valhalla. 

Rome: Colosseum, Leaning Tower, Pantheon, Vatican Museums etc...

Egyp: Sphinx, Pyramid etc...

Greece: Temple of Olympian Zeus, Parthenon, Ancient Theatre etc...

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