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Dynasty Exposes Tempest

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Today, our spy in Tempest told us they fighting at Fally W371 so me and Bolton went to check it out and see why a weak clan showed up in a FFA world. When we arrived we saw them fighting KP and other randoms while me and Bolton were in bank observing Tempest losing Gilded sets, rune sets, etc by a random multi logger clan shows how weak tempest is. 

Bolton our brave High Council wanted to tank test Tempest to see how strong they were, them knowing it was just us two, we tank tested and easily tanked them from center fally to fally bank.

Despite the failed leadership of tempest (True_2k8) posting losing topics for the past several days to show "Activity". they claimed a topic about us knowingly we wasn't even massed, kinda makes you think what kind of clan tempest is? well here a few pictures of the almighty true 2k8 harassing me, idolizing me, begging for attention, what kind of leader is that?

Thanks Tempest for the shout out, and special thanks to our SPY who recorded a conversation of true and the loser bunch talking about me not just one day but several days, I love my fans.

More to come in the future, once they start doing more childish things online.

Special Thanks tempest you're leader True 2k8 even confirmed Dynasty wasn't there today, sucks to be you.







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